Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crowdfunding push: PLEASED TO EAT YOU!

This is a short film about a lifeboat scenario that includes cannibalism. Oh, and it's a musical.

Naturally, I am very interested in any art form that covers isolation, gruesome death by starvation and the possibility of eating human flesh. But, when all of this is provided in a musical setting, a genre that definitely lacks cannibalism (among many other things), I have no doubt that this crowdfunding project needs to be supported. The official PLEASED TO EAT YOU! description states:

Pleased To Eat You! is a a short musical comedy film set in an art-deco style fantasy world.

Stranded on a raft at sea, John (Oliver Lansley), Tom (Anthony Spargo) and Vinnie (Lee Ravitz) are starving. When Vinnie croaks it, John and Tom’s imaginations go into overload as they dream up some questionable and very musical ways to consume him.

Influenced by the golden age of Hollywood musicals, Pleased To Eat You! is a homage to their design, sound and imagination, but one we're pulling into the 21st century with digital technology and visual effects.

Apart from a really cool and funny setup, the film presents an interesting visual style, which is a bold move by the director Adrian Hedgecock. He could have easily gone for a low budget approach and the film would still work - now, Hedgecock and his team are looking for funds on Indiegogo to make PLEASED TO EAT YOU! happen. Currently, they reached 35% of the funds they are looking for. So, if you want to help this film, find out more here.

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