Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crowdfunding Push: The Criminal Audition

From the first sentence, The Criminal Audition seems like it has all that is needed for a cool movie. Its simple plot is original (to my knowledge) and instantly I started developing storylines set in its narrative, which is a sign of a great and expandable idea. The core concept of the film is this:

The Criminal Audition follows a crime organisation who specialise in keeping their wealthy clients out of prison. 

The Organisation finds someone, usually down on their luck and desperate, who is willing to frame themselves for the perpetrator’s illegal activities in exchange for large sums of cash. For some, crime really does pay.

Although the notion of powerful exploiting the less fortunate when it comes to crime and violence isn’t new and fresh (Purge: Anarchy is one of the recent examples), I like the fact that the film moves this notion to the real world. The main character Ryan is a man who encountered this organization earlier in his life, which lead to his imprisonment, but now, the same people want him back. As a script for a neo-noir thriller goes, The Criminal Audition has what it takes.

The film creators started a crowdfunding proces on Indiegogo, and have currently gathered around 7% of their intended goal. Check out their campaign here and see if you can/want to help.

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