Get Great Content on iWriter!
If you're looking for content for your website, blog or any other online (or offline) venture, is a service you should definitively check out.

Here's how to service works: anybody who wants an article about any topic puts up an offer on the portal. The requester asks for a predefined amount of words (starting from 150 and moving up), writing style, language and special instruction. The topics are very diverse, ranging from technology, health and beauty tips, travel guides, music, film and pop culture reviews, going all the way to things like PR articles. In other words, you decide what you need and post it on iWriter as a request for an article.

The first writer who takes the offer gets the job, and has a limited amount of time to finish it, the shortest being around 2 hours. The requester has 72 hours to decide if he or she likes the content that was written by the freelancer who took the job. Specialized software called Copyscape makes sure that content in every article is unique. In other words, content written for you on iWriter must be one of a kind (or at least rewritten to a point that makes it SEO-friendly).

Because of the iWriter system, there are plenty of writers willing to work at any time of the day and during every day of the week. With articles starting at 1.25$, getting content doesn't have to be expensive. Naturally, the system isn't perfect and some articles will probably be really bad, but article requester can reject any article for whatever reason. While people looking for content should not expect miraculous work from the portal, it can provide solid content for practically anyone.

If you need freelance writers to produce articles for you, iWriter is the perfect place.

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