Special Xmas Offer!

A Beneficial and Exciting Gift for Your Children This Christmas!

What if I told you that you could buy 12 great and funny children’s stories, (that includes a smashing Christmas story with music: http://bit.ly/2ri2jmU

In addition there are two audio stories as well as music videos and a kid’s birthday party package all rolled into one for less than 10 quid.  You’d probably say it sounds too good to be true, but true it is.
And what’s more, everything is downloadable to your computer or reader from Amazon http://amzn.to/2mvv674

Some of the characters are hilarious, like Ropopoley the intellectual bear who is the animal leader of the forest who has self-esteem issues, and the polka-dotted Clappety Cat who expects to be treated like the forest celebrity, as well as the kind-hearted but naïve rapping  blue rhino and the crazy WaMaBu creatures whose entire language is made up of the one word “WaMabu” said with different tones and inflections. 

This eBook is not only unique but charming and offers insights into the human condition and stimulates children’s imaginations. The things that impressed me most were the workbook and the vocabulary section after each story that allow children to reflect and ask questions about what they have read, as well as the kid’s birthday party with its audio stories and video clips that children could play with and use not only on birthdays but throughout the year. 

You owe it to yourself to have a look because this is an eBook that is clearly ahead of its time because it contains a lot more than anyone would expect for the price, and the author Teddy Hayes explains the reasons for that.

“At first I had all the stories and videos on one website and each story could be purchased separately. I was also selling the birthday party separately, but I decided that to give customers better value and to move this project towards the goal of making it into a TV series, it made more sense to show potential customers everything that we offered in one package. And because I am a filmmaker it was a natural step for me to want to bring the characters to life with video and music.”

The response so far has been very good and one of the reasons is there is so much crammed into this eBook that there is no competition for the quality and the value.

Teddy Hayes says that this eBook is meant to “teach up” rather than teach down to its readers by stretching their minds. 

Not only has he hit the target with this eBook but I think he has exceeded it in many ways far beyond expectation and the Amazon reviews are a testament to how well this eBook was written.
For more information see the website at: www.majimukuforest.com

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